Altopascio and surroundings

Altopascio and its history

Located on the Via Francigena, one of the most important pilgrimage routes running from Rome to France and continuing toward England.
The Spedale di Altopascio, a hospice which purpose was to provide assistance to the pilgrims, arisen here. Probably, it was originated from a religious order as in the precedent case of the nearby Badia Pozzeveri abbey, where an archeological site still witnesses and preserves its history.

Places to visit

For those who love History, it is possible to visit the medieval castles spread inside Lucca’s flatlands like the Castello di Nozzano, the Montecarlo fortress, the Castello di Altopascio, or the Rocca di Villa Basilica.

Capannori is the place to visit the well-known ville lucchesi, magnificent and historical residences endowed with beautiful parks, gardens and, fountains. In addition to the villas, it is possible to visit the parish churches (pievi), witnesses of this landmarks’s ancient prestige. You can also pay a visit to the borghi delle camelie alongside Pieve Sant’Andrea di Compito where it is hosted an exhibition of ancient camellias coming from the Lucca area.

Culinary specialties

For those interested in the Tuscan culinary tradition, it is mandatory to explore the so-called strada del vino e dell’olio (wine and olive oil route) di Lucca, Montecarlo e Versilia which; reaches the small medieval town of Montecarlo, heart of the local winery thanks to its prestigious vineyards. The hills of Montecarlo are also notorious for the production of extra virgin olive oil, a typical product from Lucca, whose qualities are its light and genuine taste are well known. Altopascio is majorly known among pilgrims because of its hospice tradition and also because of the bread manufacturing.


Going toward the sea we find out the so famous Versilia, whose night life is widely known, most of all in the areas of Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi e Pietrasanta.
Everybody knows about the Carnevale di Viareggio and it will definitively be interesting visiting the Citadella del Carnevale, a huge structure destined to the annual assembly of the floats, where it can be experienced some of the magic and the shades of this ancient tradition.
Those who love music can’t miss the chance to visit Puccini’s summer house, located on the Massaciuccoli lakeside, in the municipality of Torre del Lago, here takes place the Puccini Festival, organized every year to celebrate famous opera composer Puccini.

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